Friday, November 30

Woody or Buzz?

I have a friend whose little girl found (this) Woody "with" his hat, EVERYTIME she came over! So... for her I want her to notice the sleeper that MyPie is wearing and that she chooses 'Woody'.... most of the time.

I had to turn the flash off for this pictures... and I love that it caught all of HER movement while she was playing.

EVeryday it seems my love for my babies grow and grow... I am so in love with her right now! She is funny... she is serious... she takes up for herself against kids twice her size... she says "peash" (please)... she says "Niiiice".... she loves shoes (boots and black cluncky mary jane shoes are her favorite) she tilts her head and smiles and I fall in love with her more and more!

Monday, November 26

Anyone for a picnic?

I made this little picnic blanket with matching napkins for my niece for Christmas. I hear that she is ALL about her tea set that MY grandmother got her... so this will be something that they can use together while she is there during the week. How awesome that the great grandmother gets to be so involved in her life. She and my mom rotate watching her while my brother and sis in law work. She is quite the character... I hope she loves it... I thought about her and my brother the entire time I was making it... how crazy it is that MY LITTLE BROTHER is a dad.

Wednesday, November 7

Here's to you....

this was hubby's bday cake this year. (my first angel food cake, I was excited with the results. We celebrated with dividing half the cake the way his dad would have wanted it (with homemade whip cream and strawberries)... and then the way that my husband prefers...(plain).
My husband was actually born and a couple days later brought home on his dad's bday, so I am sure that this was a special time for him and it feels like second nature to celebrate this time of year with him.

Since his dad is no longer with us I was hoping to help him be here with us this year... we enjoyed it so much that I think that I plan to do this each year! Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Thursday, November 1

Trick or Treat... Minnie Mouse and a REd Power Ranger

My Red Power Ranger and my little Minnie Mouse....
(we tried so hard to get her to wear the ears... I even tried putting them on a couple of times a day for like 3 weeks before halloween... no chance!)
I found this fabric at Wally World, it was just screaming Minnie Mouse at me as I walked by... so Minnie Mouse bag it became!

When I look at this photo I am reminded at how much they love each other. She would follow him anywhere... he would hold her hand anywhere. He is patient and kind with her most of the time... and she adores him, most of the time!
Happy Autumn!