Sunday, January 25

Ain't no mountain high enough....

Today was a nice day. The weather was beautiful, though a little warm than what I would like for January (72 degrees) but it was really nice to have the kids out and in the sunshine. We decided to head up to the mountain near our home and go for a little expedition. With field journals in hand or in a bag rather, camera ready, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches packed by my son, we were ready to go.

the happy explorers....

this is the bag that carried the journals and pencils. He carried it the entire time and didn't say a word.

he's on a mission

some findings...


this is what he was drawing...

January 2008 015

All the pictures were his ideas... he would ask me for spelling help but that was it. So, I want to give a big shout out to Lori at Camp Creek Blog she has so much enthusiasm in learning and being with her children. Though I am not a homeschooler I yearn for having the most out of our time together as a family. I love learning anything new and want to pass that on to my kids. Her site is just fabulous, inspiring, and always thought provoking. I have found so many useful ideas and the journals being one of them. So go on over and explore a little... you won't be disappointed.

tree texture

January 2008 016

These two pictures really get me (thats us on the mountain).

barrel cactus

the field journals

Little Dude's is on the left (dad thought at first that he wrote I shop. Silly dad. and I guess I will tell on myself... I told him the wrong date. Silly mom.) Little Pie's is on the right. She would tell her dad what she wanted to draw and hand in hand they drew mountains, trees and a few clouds.

So... I think that the pictures say it all. We had a great time with no rush. We saw many families out enjoying the day like ourselves. Lots of people have dogs with spots, and no matter their breed, my daughter will fight to the end that they are Dalmations!!!! She even corrected her dad when he told her it was a pitbull... No dad, its Dalmation... it have spots.


Jolene said...

Wow, that really makes me miss the desert! What fun.

mommyknows said...

Wow! What a great day and what a great little artist and writer. I am very impressed. Doesn't seem quite fair they are so talented and CUTE.

Heading over to Camp Creek Blog to check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

Lori said...

so awesome. :^)

i'm going to go check and make sure you're putting your pics in the heywood's meadow group! and we want to see what's in your field bag! ;^)


Jenifer said...

What a beautiful day you all had!!