Tuesday, January 22

lets keep moving forward

Well life hasn't slowed down one bit... two bday parties and two babyshowers just this month.

I always feel a bit reluctant to post something without having a picture. But, the truth is... who the hell has time to locate the usb cord for the camera and then wait on it. Instead I'll just talk about it.

Can you believe Heath Ledger is dead. I just turned on my computer and saw it on my homepage. He leaves behind a small daughter. The really sad thing is, I might have found out before his family and friends, all b/c of our blazing need to report all intimate deatails of celebrities lives. He's so young really, it seems like a tragic story.

Well I didnt get on here to be down and out with the current events. But was just checking in on few friends and thought I would write a few of my own words.

I am thinking of making my own household cleaners. I am out of most everything... so now seems the time to go ahead and make up some before I have the excuse of "I already own them, so I would be wasting money by not using them" so thats on my agenda to complete in the next couple of days.

I made a tummy time play mat for a baby shower I went to over the weekend. It was a friend that I hadn't seen for almost 5 yrs! Isnt that nuts. Anyways... I fell in love with this blanket. I used a baby blue cotton chenille (I love this stuff/ all colors)and a soft flannel for the opposite side. Of course I prewashed everything, and that always makes the flannel 'oh so soft'. I added ribbon loops on the one side for something to pick at when they are looking at it. Okay... so now I wonder why I dont just go get the camera and download the pictures to it. I made a matching burp cloth or lap pad if you would rather, and two flannel washclothes. Its always weird giving something that I have made to others as gifts. I like it, but will they?

I am proud of myself so far this year. I am moving forward... not at zooming speed... but I'm not falling off the horse either. I am keeping my sites zero'ed in and taking it as it comes.

This weekend is the first Quilt/Sewing Fair I've been too (since being interested in doing it myself) and I can't wait. I am interested in learning as much as I can from this experience... I am close to ordering my business cards and labels.
I am proud that I am pacing myself and not jumping in too deep (as I usually do) and exhausting the momentum to get to the end (or the beginning, however you look at it).