Friday, November 30

Woody or Buzz?

I have a friend whose little girl found (this) Woody "with" his hat, EVERYTIME she came over! So... for her I want her to notice the sleeper that MyPie is wearing and that she chooses 'Woody'.... most of the time.

I had to turn the flash off for this pictures... and I love that it caught all of HER movement while she was playing.

EVeryday it seems my love for my babies grow and grow... I am so in love with her right now! She is funny... she is serious... she takes up for herself against kids twice her size... she says "peash" (please)... she says "Niiiice".... she loves shoes (boots and black cluncky mary jane shoes are her favorite) she tilts her head and smiles and I fall in love with her more and more!