Saturday, February 23

day 16 of 30

benefits to living in the desert... moment 16
my son picked and then squeezed his own orange juice this morning.

Friday, February 22

15th 1/2 moment...

our assembly line... moment 15 and a half

this was our assembly line making dinner for tonight.... a recipe passed down from hubby's mom. After I made the sauce, Dad took over... he drained and rinsed the noodles... and set up our 'assembly line'... I added the sauce and Co'b added the cheese. When I commented on him and his skills (he was very adorable at the time) he said, "Hey this isn't my first rodeo"... I kissed him.

15th day of 30

tiny moment number 15

Thursday, February 21

taking deep breaths... moments captured only in memory... kind of...

So I would be a little more excited about this post if I had pictures to go along with it. And actually I do... but they hurt your eyes to look at them (I will probably post them anyway...later... because now I am trying to get over the fact that for the week of hubby's vacation I have been without a camera... remember what happened? Well that was last Wednesday and Dad started vacation on Thursday.

Monday we went to the Renaissance Festival. Co'b was out of school and it was such a beautiful day and we had a great time. My son saw his first 'joust' (not really but the other times he was much too young to really remember or understand)... but this time... with his wooden sword held high and shield in place he cheered our guy on. My Pie had her first giant turkey leg... which she loved and her brother was grossed out by.

Tuesday we hung out around the house, colored random pictures and jumped on the trampoline, usual stuff. That evening we packed for our trip to the 'high country' to see the snow. We have done this every year (with the exception of the year I was pregnant with our daughter)... its an annual thing for us that started when we both worked in retail. As soon as the holiday season was over, we would take a vacation up north (they have gotten shorter since the kids started coming with) to get away from the hectic, busy city life and explore, hike, play in the snow... whatever we felt like at the time. This being our 8th year.
Anyways, I like to ramble, we packed up the car early on Wednesday and drove north to see the snow. My son who was totally stoked about this trip just smiled and beamed from the back seat, especially when we reached an area with snow along the highway (not that I have a picture of that little dimple on his cheek when he smiles and him clapping his hands so softly, and so excitedly with his sister alseep beside him, but that's what happened).
We stayed at the same place we took our friend with when he visited us back in Jan of '99, and probably a few other times, but that's the memory that sticks out. It has an indoor heated pool and a jacuzzi... this was great for wearing out the kids after a day of driving, playing in snow and eating out. Daddy and Co'b in one bed, and Mommy and Sissy in the other bed.
This morning we went for breakfast at IHOP. Afterwards, we went back to the room to gather our stuff and check out and headed out to our favorite place to sled, Crowley's Pit. My Pie really wanted to have nothing to do with the snow. So we rotated who sat with her as she cheered for whoever was sledding at the time. She would clap and wave as we went down the hills. It was alot of fun.
As we left... not even 1/2 a mile from turning out of the Pit, hubby was going to pull over to move the ice from the back windshield wiper b/c it was stuck (he apparently turned it on to move the snow, it moved half way and was stuck, so he didn't want the motor or whatever it is to burn up)... and guess what happened???? WE GOT STUCK!!!! However, if I was married to anyone else it could have been a stressful moment... Myo (that's hubby) laughed (kind of hysterical if you ask me) and did his best to get us out of there. Both of us, who already changed from our snow bibs and boots to pajama pants and tennis shoes, were out in the snow, knee deep (we found out when hubby fell into was so funny)... trying to get our little Toyota Rav4's butt out of the snow. We were waiting for help (we had already called someone, just waiting) when here comes the ADOT road, snow pusher people and they stopped to ask if we needed them to pull us out. He saved us $250!!!! He hooked his chains to the back... which they then couldn't get off, but whatever they eventually did, gave my husband a handshake and we were on our way. We laughed. I love my husband for things like that. I was actually really nervous and scared in that instant that it happened, but because of his reaction... I knew that we would be okay. You take the situation, evaluate and then YOU DO whatever it is that needs to be done. And we did. We also stopped for Happy Meals (do those need upper cases'?)and chai teas from the local 'Bucks and we were on our way back home. After a long two days we came home, unpacked, showered, watched 'Drake and Josh' (even the one yr old likes it and says Josh, well her own version of his name anyways) Well... I am exhausted and Myo's all done with the computer too... I should go. I'll post the dreaded pics tomorrow. later.

14th moment: 30 days

come on foot, work with me... moment 14
on our way home...

Wednesday, February 20

moment 13 of 30

Loaded up... moment 13

I usually take a picture of us all packed up for a trip.

Sunday, February 17

nothing like a song to take you back...

I love being able to reconnect with my husband, hanging out and making each other laugh. Sometimes with life we forget whats important.

Last night we caught a 'live sets' of the Foo Fighters on some HD channel that hubby is totally stoked about having...and I forgot how much I love them... and my husband! We had a great time...first we watched a concert of the Chilli Peppers'....and then the Foo Fighters... AWESOME!
Again... if you like the group, enjoy.

Friday, February 15

Thursday, February 14

30 days: moment 9

30 moments: # 9

VAlentines DAy... jumping on trampoline with the kids.

Wednesday, February 13

30 moments: day 8

Tiny moment number eight

We had TWO parties today... one for the MOMSClub that I am a member of (the el presidente to be exact)
anyhoo... first we partied hard there exchanging cards, candy and munching on yummy food. From there we drive straight to brother's school drop him off at 12:30pm, me and 'pie pie' go home and wait until 2:00pm when more partying begins. They had cake, heart shaped bread with strawberry jam, ice cream, crafts (the parents get to help with the crafts and the siblings are running mad around the room... Pie fed every baby in that classroom the same piece of roast beef ('ick... I'm not a big fan of a meat that has a shiny rainbow effect... kills my appetite everytime... I try... Scholotzky's (spelling ?) though has a pretty mean roastbeef on sour dough, but I never ever open it) Once she was done with the pretend people, I saw her around the room giving moms a sip from her cup (she would make a slurping sound and then hand it to them) Okay... back on track... we partied... then following class... out in the courtyard the PTL had a Valentine store where the kids could buy flowers and ballons... each were just 5 box tops (or soup labels). Co'b bought one for each of his teachers and for me. During this fantastic idea from the lovely PTL... my son, who had already purchased ballons from the same lady, became shy buying the roses... long story kinda short...picture this... I have a 1 yr old in my hands, her diaper bag, the camera bag, Co'bs bag that collected his Valentines and two of his crafts... I'm trying to be the good mother and walk my son through the process WHEN.... OUT falls my phone AND my CAMERA onto the cement!!!!!! So, with all this stuff in my hands, I bend down and pick up the fallin' objects... and this my friends is how you get that lovely, blurry detail with my kids smiling and swatting at each other with my valentine present. There are more with this lovely 'blackend edging go on' that everyone seems to be trying with there Photoshop... I however am hoping it goes away (like a really bad dream) and letting my battery charge so that I might be in luck and it took the rest that it needed and will soon begin working correctly. Wish me luck.. my hubby will not be buying a new camera and I am only on moment 8 of the 30!!!! (fingers crossed and praying to the camera gods!!!)

Tuesday, February 12

7 of 30 tiny moments...

30 days: day 7

So yesterday was yesterday... today is today and we are in one of our favorite spots in the front room.

Monday, February 11

tiny moments day 6

30 tinymoments day 5

kinda of a tiny moment... just not recorded on film

Today I didn't take any pictures.

I haven't since the weekend started and I am actually missing the challenge of them. So tomorrow I will begin again and pickup wherever I left off... instead of cramming a bunch of pictures together to just catch up.

I did however witness something that I didn't want to miss or forget.

It all started when Myla hit her brother. (need I say more)

After he started crying (probably a lot louder than was needed, but it still hurt none the less)... her eyes were WIDE (the girl has big eyes to start with) and her WHOLE bottom lip went into its wide straight line, still pouted and poked out... and said "kye"...."kye" (cry) and she went and bent down and wrapped her little bitty arms around him (he's four, she's one) and said "kye" and then she kissed him on his head where she had used that gargantuan mega block. I should have ran off for the camera... the first thing my mother in law will ask when I tell her this..."Did you get a picture?"... and you know, I considered it for a moment and instead decided to just watch. Brother was a little reluctant at first, but he then put his arms around her. And then they just stayed the in the same position... her kinda squatting down with her arms around his arms... about chest high (his widest part) her head on his shoulder and his arms around the small of her back... and his head on her shoulder.

I know how much I love my younger brother... and I just think about how much love I see between them... he sometimes even protest with her when its time for her nap. Or like when she's crying for something that I, as the mom has decided that she shouldn't have or do... he's like, in this annoyed tone, "Mom, just let her".

But... anyhoo... I will be up and at'em tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 5

30 days: moment 4

30 days: 04
you have to click on the picture to see the whole thing.

Monday, February 4

30 tiny moments take 3

30 days: day 03
Its raining... its pouring... the old man is snoring....

Sunday, February 3

30 days: 02

30 days: 02

this is how the owner of these items puts them away. Layered neatly and tucked in with the straps of the knee pad.

Saturday, February 2

Birthday presents with linen and floral designs....

little me apron

Another birthday it seems... so another excuse to make something for someone... and girls are the easiest to create for it seems.

This project was fun. The bold floral was a jersey knit that I scored at Walmart on the $1 a yard table!!!! And then I added a linen to the back which really gave it a nice weight. Add a apron for a doll or teddy bear and it was complete with her inital up top. Happy Birthday.

30 days:01

30 days: 01

So I am offically starting 30tinymoments... I have heard about it now from two people and was so into it from the moment I read about it.

I do believe however that all the credit is due to Amanda Soule from SouleMama... she's helping to remind us to rememeber what makes us special and unique as a family. I'm excited about the challenge... so stay tunned...