Thursday, January 31

Blue and brown... brown and blue

So this is the tummy time play mat. It was really hard to photograph and make it look interesting... but its a try. Also included in the gift were the usual that I seem to make for new babies... burp cloth (or lap pad) and two flannel washcloths.

The flannel pattern that I picked wasn't really what I wanted but I was limited as to what matched the chenille and a few of the ribbons I already had in mind.

I have enough to make another and plan to put one in the shop once I have my labels.

Oh... I have a few other pictures in the flickr feed... but couldnt get it to upload on this post. hhmmm... later to deal with it.

I am very intrigued with this 30tinymoments movement and plan to start tomorrow. Part of the reason I started this blog was because I want to remember all the little things that make it unique to be apart of our family. So I am excited about this challenge...

Friday, January 25

to be a young girl again...

This is a story of our Friday evening.

While eating dinner we were watching a movie that I picked up from the library the other day. I haven't thought about this movie in probably 12-15 years I think I am safe to say. I saw the title and couldn't return it to its spot on the shelf. So I got it.

So, we had been watching "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" when during a loud spot in the movie I thought I heard the doorbell. I paused a second and then went to the door... looked out the peephole... the porch light wasn't on... all I could see were 4 short heads...but different heights... long hair... must be girls I'm thiniking in my head...I open the door and I can see she has a paper in her hands... fundraising for something I think... aren't the girl scouts starting to sell cookies? THEN...

As the one girl (second from left) she has the paper and says 'Hi... we are at a birthday party and we are doing a scavenger hunt...(by now I have opened the door.. smiling) can you look at the items that we have(she hands me the paper) and the ones that aren't crossed off we are still searching for...I asked if I could give them more than one thing... all of them answer..."oh yes"

I was so excited for these girls... they were probably 11... to be that age again... they were soooo giggly and sweet. They talked to the cats while I was in search of items and the girl second from the right commented on how cute they were.

these were the items I gave them for their list...

1. red paper clip
2. purple ribbon
3. coffee filter

A symbol of sorts (even if its only myself that knows it) these three items that I picked from the list are all things that I love to have in my life and actually use on a regular basis... my colored paper clips... not only do I love their bright colors of red, pink, green, blue... their texture is so much more pleasing to the touch than the plain ole' silver ones. Anyways...'red paperclip' was the first I saw on the list and I thought... "I, have a RED paperclip" and right next to my colorful paperclips are my colorful jars of RIBBON. So out came the sissors... snip snip ... and well the coffee filters are a no 2nd shelf above the coffee pot.

So.. I have thought about them for most of the evening, my thoughts go back to them and I smile thinking about how much fun they were having.

It seems as though this past week have been full of reminders of the 'innocence of youth'. I watched 'Juno'(great movie), "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" brought back a part of my childhood, the girls at the door doing the scavenger hunt, and the lady with the chenille fabric.

It seems I have been on this path to discover me all over again. With my first child I was wrapped up in becoming 'mother earth' and only wanting to be a mommy. And while this is still all very important to me... 4 1/2 years into this and I see myself as a different person...(even though I am still very much the same person)... but seems to be more of 'reinventing' the person deep inside and getting in touch with the woman that I am becoming more of everyday. It seems a little scary sometimes but I am learning that there isn't anything to be afraid of.

So for now... I will remember those 'giggles' and try to be true to that little girl that is still alive inside me. I pledge to her that this year be an unveiling of who 'that' little girl wants to be when she grows up.

Thursday, January 24

Craft fair

Well the majority of the fair was Quilting, for which I know nothing about. It was cool to see that many peolpe with the same interest and they must have the patience of saints to be able to create such beautiful detailed items.

There was however two booths that made the trip all worth it.

The first was by a lady named Bonnie, her booth I could see just a smigen of as I turned the corner... and the moment I saw this yellow and white baby blanket I knew that I was going to enjoy whatever was around the other side. (Remember my eariler post) Well... most everything she had was made with some sort of vintage chenille fabric. Some with really funky designs and colors that I just haven't seen in the stores I've been frequenting. And the reason... she buys it online. They remind me of my grandmothers bed... random 'puffy' chenille designs. Running my fingers along the lines and tracing the pattern. And honestly, I didn't even realize I had those memories until looking at her inventory. Like flashes... I could see these bed covers...and not just see them, but feel them. After I walked around for a couple of hours, I went back to Bonnie and told her that her booth was by far my favorite. We talked for a bit and I was on my way. Thanks Bonnie.

The second booth... different...(a little background) though I have visited a friend of my mother in law's, Mimi(interesting lady) who raises llama's, I, myself have NEVER done any sort of craft with their fur. Nor have I attempted to do any sort of felting (though I drool over many creative peoples')
anyhoo... I had the opportunity to do both at the same time.
Needle-felting, anyone? This was actually very relaxing to do. I made some sort of felted book mark... or name tag (I try to always have a second use for things in case you haven't noticed)... anyways... I believe her name was Sue, and she was just a lovely person. I first noticed the booth from a young women sitting on a chair... blanket in her lap... long needle... and some sort of orange 'hairy' fibers... she would pull a few strands, literally, and then proceed to 'poke' them with the needle and BAM she was creating a picture. Her picture was full of small squares of similar hues that would eventually become a landscape of mountains. Talking with her she said to go up to the table and do the 'make and take' that they were offering.
It was at a taller table, one for standing (which i loved) and thats when I met Sue (I think her name was Sue, she reminded me of my grandmother (my Dad's mom) and she had short, pin-straight gray hair and glasses. She instructed me to keep the needle straight (you have a foam block underneath) and just pick out the fiber that I wanted and poke it. The needle has 'barbs', three of them that actually grab the fibers and pull them through and this meshes the fibers together, Needle-felting. The fibers that I used were from Alpaca Llama's and are handdyed to these brilliant colors. I picked out a mulberry purple, a golden yellow-orange, and a dark turquoise... it was alot of fun. And I absolutely love trying something new. Thanks Sue.
It was a wonderful and exhausting day!

Tuesday, January 22

lets keep moving forward

Well life hasn't slowed down one bit... two bday parties and two babyshowers just this month.

I always feel a bit reluctant to post something without having a picture. But, the truth is... who the hell has time to locate the usb cord for the camera and then wait on it. Instead I'll just talk about it.

Can you believe Heath Ledger is dead. I just turned on my computer and saw it on my homepage. He leaves behind a small daughter. The really sad thing is, I might have found out before his family and friends, all b/c of our blazing need to report all intimate deatails of celebrities lives. He's so young really, it seems like a tragic story.

Well I didnt get on here to be down and out with the current events. But was just checking in on few friends and thought I would write a few of my own words.

I am thinking of making my own household cleaners. I am out of most everything... so now seems the time to go ahead and make up some before I have the excuse of "I already own them, so I would be wasting money by not using them" so thats on my agenda to complete in the next couple of days.

I made a tummy time play mat for a baby shower I went to over the weekend. It was a friend that I hadn't seen for almost 5 yrs! Isnt that nuts. Anyways... I fell in love with this blanket. I used a baby blue cotton chenille (I love this stuff/ all colors)and a soft flannel for the opposite side. Of course I prewashed everything, and that always makes the flannel 'oh so soft'. I added ribbon loops on the one side for something to pick at when they are looking at it. Okay... so now I wonder why I dont just go get the camera and download the pictures to it. I made a matching burp cloth or lap pad if you would rather, and two flannel washclothes. Its always weird giving something that I have made to others as gifts. I like it, but will they?

I am proud of myself so far this year. I am moving forward... not at zooming speed... but I'm not falling off the horse either. I am keeping my sites zero'ed in and taking it as it comes.

This weekend is the first Quilt/Sewing Fair I've been too (since being interested in doing it myself) and I can't wait. I am interested in learning as much as I can from this experience... I am close to ordering my business cards and labels.
I am proud that I am pacing myself and not jumping in too deep (as I usually do) and exhausting the momentum to get to the end (or the beginning, however you look at it).

Saturday, January 19

blue and brown stripes and polka dots

I tried my hand at cotton chennile with flannel and I am very happy with the results. I added random ribbons that I had and a few new ones that I bought just for the fabric. Boys can have polka dots, no?