Wednesday, February 13

30 moments: day 8

Tiny moment number eight

We had TWO parties today... one for the MOMSClub that I am a member of (the el presidente to be exact)
anyhoo... first we partied hard there exchanging cards, candy and munching on yummy food. From there we drive straight to brother's school drop him off at 12:30pm, me and 'pie pie' go home and wait until 2:00pm when more partying begins. They had cake, heart shaped bread with strawberry jam, ice cream, crafts (the parents get to help with the crafts and the siblings are running mad around the room... Pie fed every baby in that classroom the same piece of roast beef ('ick... I'm not a big fan of a meat that has a shiny rainbow effect... kills my appetite everytime... I try... Scholotzky's (spelling ?) though has a pretty mean roastbeef on sour dough, but I never ever open it) Once she was done with the pretend people, I saw her around the room giving moms a sip from her cup (she would make a slurping sound and then hand it to them) Okay... back on track... we partied... then following class... out in the courtyard the PTL had a Valentine store where the kids could buy flowers and ballons... each were just 5 box tops (or soup labels). Co'b bought one for each of his teachers and for me. During this fantastic idea from the lovely PTL... my son, who had already purchased ballons from the same lady, became shy buying the roses... long story kinda short...picture this... I have a 1 yr old in my hands, her diaper bag, the camera bag, Co'bs bag that collected his Valentines and two of his crafts... I'm trying to be the good mother and walk my son through the process WHEN.... OUT falls my phone AND my CAMERA onto the cement!!!!!! So, with all this stuff in my hands, I bend down and pick up the fallin' objects... and this my friends is how you get that lovely, blurry detail with my kids smiling and swatting at each other with my valentine present. There are more with this lovely 'blackend edging go on' that everyone seems to be trying with there Photoshop... I however am hoping it goes away (like a really bad dream) and letting my battery charge so that I might be in luck and it took the rest that it needed and will soon begin working correctly. Wish me luck.. my hubby will not be buying a new camera and I am only on moment 8 of the 30!!!! (fingers crossed and praying to the camera gods!!!)