Tuesday, February 17

30 days:13

When I put stuff back it never really goes back to the same home. The picture by the door was in my closet. The picture and the spoon and fork that use to reside over the cabinet (of dishes) are now both in the kitchen. This picture use to be near the door.

getting put back together again...

The bird picture, which I love, I bought at Goodwill one day a long time ago. For $3.99 I do believe. Anyhoo, its new to the area and so is the recliner. Normally its over near the desk.
Will see how this works out as a reading area with the kids.
30 days: 13
And that bright orange patch was my attempt in bringing something bright to the room. I used this piece that I got last year .... Its really a pocket. Nothing special, I wanted the most simple project possible last night. It ties on the side so that you can remove the cover.