Sunday, March 8

author and illustrator...

a lefthanded person's book

look and find

his book idea... look and find

flower period

he was reading his title page
The above picture has a weird angle but I was trying to get the book and the fact that he was reading.

Several things are special to me about these photos. Most for the obvious, but other things I noticed are the fact that he, even though his words are correct and not backwards (that sometimes still happens,but not as frequent) his book opens from his lefthandedness. The staples are flipped to the right side. (I make these simple books from thin cardboard (think cereal boxes) and use printer paper cut in half and then stapled to it. No cover to deal with and bend back. very simple.
Another is that I watched him draw the car and his hands were quick with the motion to design the wheels first and then the body of the car, window and then the handle.
He thinks his leaves aren't any good (the last picture with the flower). I asked him if he was a loony patuny because his leaves were fabulous leaves. (he had me draw the one that is labeled, though he extended my stem and wrote the word). He is a man of detail when he draws and when he speaks.


Blessings each day said...

Totally awesome and wonderful, that's Corbyn always. What a super duper blessing he is!

Jolene said...

Emma's at this same age, I love it. It's so much fun to watch them learn.