Monday, February 11

tiny moments day 6

30 tinymoments day 5

kinda of a tiny moment... just not recorded on film

Today I didn't take any pictures.

I haven't since the weekend started and I am actually missing the challenge of them. So tomorrow I will begin again and pickup wherever I left off... instead of cramming a bunch of pictures together to just catch up.

I did however witness something that I didn't want to miss or forget.

It all started when Myla hit her brother. (need I say more)

After he started crying (probably a lot louder than was needed, but it still hurt none the less)... her eyes were WIDE (the girl has big eyes to start with) and her WHOLE bottom lip went into its wide straight line, still pouted and poked out... and said "kye"...."kye" (cry) and she went and bent down and wrapped her little bitty arms around him (he's four, she's one) and said "kye" and then she kissed him on his head where she had used that gargantuan mega block. I should have ran off for the camera... the first thing my mother in law will ask when I tell her this..."Did you get a picture?"... and you know, I considered it for a moment and instead decided to just watch. Brother was a little reluctant at first, but he then put his arms around her. And then they just stayed the in the same position... her kinda squatting down with her arms around his arms... about chest high (his widest part) her head on his shoulder and his arms around the small of her back... and his head on her shoulder.

I know how much I love my younger brother... and I just think about how much love I see between them... he sometimes even protest with her when its time for her nap. Or like when she's crying for something that I, as the mom has decided that she shouldn't have or do... he's like, in this annoyed tone, "Mom, just let her".

But... anyhoo... I will be up and at'em tomorrow.