Tuesday, August 12

two more steps forward....

First Day of School

So does this look like a face that wasn't excited about going to 'big kid school'. No, in fact he was so excited that I couldn't help but be excited. Even if I didn't want to be. We walked hand in hand... pushing his little sister in the stroller, b/c we parked in the neighborhood and walked up to the school. We had fun.

chiny- chin- chin

This was my conversation only about a hundred times yesterday...."Where 'ToeToe' go, mama?" / me, "School".... "skoool mama, toe toe go skoool".... "Yes Pie Pie Toe Toe go to school"... "where dada go mama" ......"work baby, dada go to work"... "oh... werrk".... (over and over we said this)

When I picked him up he lit up when he saw me. We walked kinda quietly at first, there were still people everywhere and we had to walk to the car... again holding hands.

For the rest of the day he was happy, energetic, nice to his sister, proud of himself, eager to get ready for the next day, just an awesome little person with a smile on his face and a story to tell randomly throughout the night. What more could I want. He talked about what a great builder he is and how they got to 'trade' places at the different areas in the room and they had soft and hard blocks and" ......on and on he went. When I asked him what his favorite part was he said, "The cafeteria"... can you believe one of the situations I was most worried about was his favorite!!! What in the name of punkin dobbins do I know, huh?

So, mommy made rice krispy treats for when he returned home from his long day and we all had a special dinner of homemade lasagna for dinner in honor of his first day at school.

And to my friend thanks for your post... and I am ready to let go... I think. For now at least. I have a truely amazing son and I am just enjoying him stepping up and taking charge and being excited about the unknown.