Sunday, August 16

little of this...

Have I forgotten about this place or what???

Work, though not as busy as last year, has been pretty steady. Add two kids and a new puppy to the mix and there you have it, no time to lay out thoughts of your own here on the poor neglected blog of mine. What am I saying, there has been no time for me to even have those thoughts...

Did you catch that? New puppy? Here she is, Molly!!!!

The kids just love her. Look at that little face and body, how can you not?

Tomorrow my little boy goes to first grade!! We met our teacher the other night and she has me very excited about this upcoming year. I watched her as she greeted the children coming in and the way she knelt down and spoke to them one on one and was very refreshing to witness.

On another note, Corbyn lost another tooth and has spent the night off for the first time!!