Sunday, November 30

just a little note....

(You smiling yet???) HOw can you not? She absolutely loves the park. This was taken eariler this year with our MOMS Club... we took our bikes to the park. What a grand day. Can u tell, I see it written all over her face. She does have a grumpy face too you know.

Sorry some of the colors are all wrong for this background. I was forced to change it because it read Happy Thanksgiving. I picked out the Christmas theme that I want but I'm not really ready to commit to the holiday just yet.

Lets enjoy fall for all that its worth. YOu are welcome to pull up a chair anytime... if you come now you could enjoy these cookies with me. Maybe even dunk them in your coffee. Do you know that Myla likes coffee? Horrible. But I relish in the thought of the day that she and I can sit at the kitchen table with a cup of joe and chit chat. This is something I do with my mom and my nanny. Sometimes it is us all together, and now with the distance between us, its cute my grandmother will purposely fix a cup of coffee and go out to her swing to chat with me on the phone.

Myla's coffee now consist of ruffly 6-8oz of milk in her sippy cup... a splash of creamer and a dash of coffee. And she always tells me, 'not too hot mommy'... and I tell her...'Be careful, go slow."

She says..."I bigger, now"

I say... "You are bigger now"

she says..."I bigger' n ToeToe"

I say... "Your bigger than Corbyn?"

she says..."Uh... huh... I bigger' n ToeToe"

I say..."Oh..."