Thursday, January 31

Blue and brown... brown and blue

So this is the tummy time play mat. It was really hard to photograph and make it look interesting... but its a try. Also included in the gift were the usual that I seem to make for new babies... burp cloth (or lap pad) and two flannel washcloths.

The flannel pattern that I picked wasn't really what I wanted but I was limited as to what matched the chenille and a few of the ribbons I already had in mind.

I have enough to make another and plan to put one in the shop once I have my labels.

Oh... I have a few other pictures in the flickr feed... but couldnt get it to upload on this post. hhmmm... later to deal with it.

I am very intrigued with this 30tinymoments movement and plan to start tomorrow. Part of the reason I started this blog was because I want to remember all the little things that make it unique to be apart of our family. So I am excited about this challenge...