Monday, March 10

its been a while...

It seems so much has happened since posting about the orange juice making. I uploaded my pictures for tiny moments and had to play catch up.

moment 21...

Since getting my camera I have taken it everywhere with me... this was taken coming home the other day. It was around 72 degrees and absolutely beautiful. Underneath the poppies are little purple flowers. In a couple months I will be cursing the state we live in, but for right now... it is my heaven.

l love this little artist: moment 20

this is my little dude. He is a little boy who naturally doesn't care about video games. He prefers to draw and color. He likes to wear hats these days, he even wears a warm wool blend beanie when its 75 outside. He also has a black cloth wristband. Hhhmmm... oh and he went the other night to Kindergarden round up and was so excited. He came home and told his dad that he was going to be a kindergardner'... he will represent class of 2021. ((WHAT??))

this is mya' punkinpieya'... moment 21.5

This is my little big girl baby. Enough said. She thinks she is big... but really she is not. This picture was taken earlier today. I had bought this soft little ponytail holders hoping that she would keep it in... I even bribed her with 'robin eggs'... but what is interesting to me is that the last time she had her hair up, she still looked like a baby to me, but today, in shorts (one of the first since last year she was a baby and looked completely different) and with her legs showing she looked all big. She still has baby rolls and I squeeze them daily. We have this thing where we call each others name back and forth, in a very sweet and songee kind of voice. She even says (her attempts) eye brow. She loves pointing things out and and naming them.

Oh and before I forget... last week we toured the racing track in town and though I'm not sure how much I believe that this might be right, the kids had a wonderful time and the people we talked with had a love for the horses.

moment 18: holding hands, watching horses swim...

Oh and before all that we had taken a family hike up the street. Everything is in bloom. Out of all the days we went that week, it was cold. The poppies were all closed up. Click on the picture for the rest of that day. It was still beautiful.
moment 17