Friday, May 22

Orange blooms and rainy days...

are special to me.

We just added this little guy this morning.

Doesn't he look nice? I rescued him from the wash near the house. I think he will have a nice home here.

This is her very first bloom ever. I have watched it grow since it was just a little one leaf plant that sprouted out from nowhere, so did the other one in the top left corner of the next picture.

this is what our first day of summer vacation looked like.... couldn't have been more lovely. We took a walk and the kids splashed in every puddle that they could find... it was literally 30 degrees cooler today then it was just a couple days ago.... that is totally awesome when you have already hit the triple digits!!!!

Thursday, May 21


Our morning was filled with lots of excitement. Corbyn woke up around 6:30am all on his own and was ready to go.
They seemed to have the most fun playing a bean bag Pirate toss.
(notice his lefty-ness)

Their room was so bare that it made me sad when I walked in to set up for the party. The kids were out on the playground, so it was really empty.

At the end of the day his teacher awarded each child with a certificate and matched their personality to a piece of candy. My little guy was given the 'Almond Joy Award' because he is 'such a JOY to be around'. It was very sweet and the kids just loved it.


and following this little girl who....
was looking for lizards
and chasing after them.....

Two things this picture tells.... one it was cloudy (YES!) and
two, I'm not quick enough capturing butterflys! (yes, if you look close you will kinda see them)

Tuesday, May 19

Imagine my surprise...

when I happend upon these yesterday on a bottom shelf...
I have no idea what I will use them for. But I love them. Yes, the one on the right is two small stackable canisters. The orginal tag was $7.99 but luckily it was marked by a purple tag. It was 99 cent purple tag day!!!

It is in absolute perfect condition(the bag is much cuter when you click on it). Purple tag!! It was $4.99, I paid 99 cent!!!! I would've paid the orginal price. Notice the key tied to the handle... this is a vintage Ameila Earhart suitcase.

Aren't these just sweet? Purple tag of course.

These will find a home in our pretend play kitchen stash. The sifter had a price tag of $7.99, I would not have come home with this if that had been the case. I can't wait to hand them some cornmeal out on the back porch.

Grand total $4.29

Monday, May 18

ribbon and a rainbow

I am getting ready for Corbyn's end of the year party. His class is known as the 'Jolly Pirates'.

So naturally Pirates is the theme.

these are 25 treasure maps printed on construction paper, wadded, rolled up
and tied with a ribbon.

I can't believe he is going to be FIRST GRADER!

I printed the maps from from Family Fun.

And these are the finished product. The proud student made the name tags (I made colored copies of the scary skelton with spiders) but he wrote everyone's name on their bag. All 24 names, he included one for himself, with one extra necklace.

Inside were beaded necklaces, rings, skelton lolipops and gold coins. It was a huge hit for the 5-6yrs olds... boys and girls.

Sunday, May 17

slice of pie?

Our latest indulgence is making food out of paper pieces.
So far the kids have made pizza, breadsticks, delivery box, hot dogs, watermelon, a salad...
and yes, some utensils.

Tuesday, May 12

Where things come from....

A friend brought these over from her garden. I can not wait until I can have a piece of corn. For some reason they have seem to be my FAVORITE watching grow.

This is what I made.

Sunday, May 10

In honor...

of Mother's Day, what would be better than hubby making arroz con leche? Nothing.
This isn't a recipe that is made all the time. It's special.
A sinfully rich creamy, milky, cinnamon-y and rice-y crunchy- ness !!!!
(he didn't stop stirring for over 45 minutes. He believes there is a science to it. I love him.)

Happy Mothers Day to all of you wonderful women out there...

Wednesday, May 6


Well... not sure this post is really going anywhere....

However, the thought occured to me this morning while writing the date, I will be turning the big '3o' in exactly 4 weeks!!! I don't feel sad. I actually feel excited. Is that weird? Maybe once the day comes I will change my mind I'm not sure, but at the moment I feel giddy.

thats all.

Tuesday, May 5


Hubby and I love to record our shows and watch them together once the kids are asleep. We recently came across a show on the Planet Green channel (fabulous channel full of interesting shows and ideas) about the town that was literally blown away by a tornado in May of 2007, in Greensburg Kansas. The shows name, Greensburg. Luckily the channel plays repeats of older episodes and I believe in the last several nights we have caught up. (new episodes air on Sunday nights) I can not even imagine the feeling they must have had when the storm was over, they came up out of their basements or cellars to find, NOTHING standing.

When rebuilding the town, which most thought impossible, they decided to 'go green'. It has been extremely interesting and heart wrenching to watch these people rebuild. It is also very inspirational to see that 'we' as a population DO in fact have options and it isn't that far fetched to NOT use and be dependant on fossil fuels.

I have always wondered why my state is not heavily leading the way in solar energy... schools, big businesses, etc could be pumping energy BACK into the community, with our 300 plus days of SUNSHINE we could certainly make a difference (and elimiante the yearly increases) maybe even for the surrounding states. I know that this takes money and technology, but its uplifting to think that we are not far from a reality, and the fact that we have a President that seems to understand that necessity makes me feel hopeful.

take care.

Sunday, May 3


jumping + climbing + sticking tongue out + sliding + more jumping = a great day

(okay this next pic the person may kill me for posting, but I know someone else who lives far far away that just might appreciate the pic... enjoy Ang.

Now this little guy is only 15 months old and was shootin' hoops like it was nothing to him.

Look at the next pic... he uses his hands like a Pro Hoops player and makes the baskets almost EVERY time.

I could't believe it. I kept handing him the ball to do it again.
And he would with a big grin. I have no picture of that because he was much to busy to stop to smile for me and I was much to busy trying to catch the 'proof' of the basket.

Make it a great week...

Saturday, May 2

Last night

We had a sleep over. The boys were so excited that they couldn't stand it. They both knew what would happen that afternoon when school was out. They do not attend the same school, they met about 3 yrs ago in our MOMS Club. After picking up Toe from school, he ran as fast as he could, grinning from ear to ear. We walked to the car hand in hand, talking about how 'B-man' was getting to his house and when. His mom called while we were in the car and said they were no too far away. We pulled up in the driveway and Corbyn, hands held out in front of himself, he inhaled deep and exhaled slowly, and said, "I need to calm myself"!!!!!!!!!! I thought I would die. I laughed. I kissed him. And then we took a deep breath together. As much as this little boy can rattle my nerves and drive me completely up the wall, I love him so much that it consumes my entire being.
He is a great little person. (And yes, I taught him that. Usually though I have to remind him, not today.)

The kids shot a Nerf dart over the fence so the four of us walked around to fetch it... well that turned into a 45 min walk towards the wash and the boys ran and ran. The path is laid with red red red dirt (do you get it?) Well, since I was walking with slow poke who insisted on picking every flower that crossed her path, I didnt realize what they were playing. But the red dirt... of course... HOT LAVA. What else?

Anyhoo, after a long afternoon the kids settled down to watch some cartoons. And I ran to get my stapler and these old coffee filters that belonged to my father in law. (Ganga, I know you don't drink coffee) And because my coffee pot uses a different style and the fact I have a hard time throwing things out that could be used in crafting, they've been patiently waiting their turn for 3yrs up above the stove, in the little cabinet that rarely gets opened. BUT their time has come... I saw this awesome craft with these style filters and well.... boom boom its been in my head every since just waiting for the right moment. ((now looking at her pictures, I will be on a better look out for the sticks.)) So go check out her blog.. (I love the slang in the title)

Friday, May 1

Yummy goodness...

this is a nothing post, wait, what am I saying... this is a fabulous and delicious post... you have to go to this wonderful blog about celebrating.

Towards the bottom of the page she has links to all sorts of wonderful yummyness. Have fun reading.

Also... you always know that when you toss the paper rolls into the recycle bin that it could really be used in some sort of way. I, however am not as creative as some out there. Just out this long list of ideas that have been collected at the Crafty Crow.

That's all I had to say.