Tuesday, September 29


( this was taken earlier this summer )

Corbyn said the funniest thing to his dad last night while doing homework.
They had already completed the math and reading worksheets, and were working on spelling and sight words. He had started to get tired and was a little giddy and silly. As he was laughing he said to his dad, "I can't work with you man" (heeheehee) " I need mom".
It was so funny.

Saturday, September 26

Its good...

Well... sorry to leave everyone hanging but my Dad is doing good. No pain, just moving a little slower.

During the procedure it was determined that he has 70% blockage which the doctor is confident that medication will take care and dissolve it. We will see. He goes back on Thursday for a follow up appointment.

In the mean time, he's good.

In other good news, Corbyn grew up a little more today. He participated in a little shindig the older boys of the Scouts put on for the Tiger Cubs and new prospects. He was nervous in the beginning and in the end was totally fine and had collected 8 beads (one bead per activity). When he realized his number he asked if he could do a few more. He was shown a demostration on how to fold the American flag and then was able to do it himself with the older scout. The boy reminded him to be serious and precise with the flag. Corbyn learned how to carry the flag by himself and with another person. It was very cool.

There were air pumped rocket launchers, exploding film canisters, puppet making, seed planting, money counting, and a ball toss are to just name a few.

Even his sister had a good time.

It was hot.

Our cheeks are sun kissed.

We were proud of our day.

We ended with a playdate with a dear friend, races and a walk around the neighborhood.

Hope your weekend is fantastic.

The end.

Tuesday, September 22

Change is in the air...

Well the wind is blowing outside. I mean really blowing!!! It feels nice and cool at 8:30am taking Co'b and Ethan to school, verus the already sweating and we haven't gotten into the car yet type of morning. I heard yesterday that in the next week our temp should really be dropping!!!

On other news, my Nanny called yesterday... for my dad. I was the only one he couldn't tell about his heart issues. He didn't want to scare me. The guy has many faults as we all do, but he really has the biggest heart ever and for there to be an issue with him being a literal 'walking heart attack' hurts me deep. The doctor was surprised actually that he hadn't had one already. Today he goes in for blood work and Thursday in for angioplasty. His girlfriend and sisters will be there. That makes me feel better.

I called him last night. We talked. I told him that I loved him.

When we were going to move out here (10 yrs ago) he could tell that I was scared. As much as he didn't want me to move, he told me to 'GO'. He said that if I didn't I would always wonder and maybe even regret the decision.

I can't imagine my, OUR life any other way than the way it is. There are times when I feel left out. When I feel forgotten about. But life goes on.

I want my family to be apart of 'my' families life... but its hard. I know that I am just a little emotional right now and that its fairly common for this procedure to be done, but its the first time that I have allowed the thoughts of 'what if' to come creeping up since finding out yesterday.

anyways... My Pie and I are going to the library for storytime today to get out of the house.
take care.

Monday, September 14

This time last year...

Just to see, I went to my archives to see what we were doing this time last year.... cool... I didn't realize that was a year ago.

click here to see for yourself.

I should post another, b/c the little tree didn't make it. Would have maybe been a better tree in the backyard, because it is rather harsh in that front yard in the middle of summer. I still really want a tree, but it will have to be a little more established I think before planting to survive. Instant shade would be great!!!!

I know I know, stop my complaining... couple more weeks, I tell myself and it will be all worth it living here. Some of the most gorgeous days are uphead and I am looking very forward to it all.

take care of yourself.

Thursday, September 10

My Lil' Cub...

While we try to teach our children all about life, Our
children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Monday, September 7

Laundry Soap Recipe

1/2 Fels Naptha bar soap
1/2 cup washing soda
1/2 cup borax
1. Get out a large pot (18 qt size) fill with water, and bring to a boil.
2. grate 1/2 bar of soap
As your water is growing into a nice boil, add your soap and stir until dissolved. Let boil for a few minutes. Turn off and let sit for a bit.
3. In your container add the washing soda and borax, and about a gallon and a half of water.
4. Add your soapy water to the container and stir very well.
5. Let container set for 24hrs, uncovered.
Next day, and before each use, Stir (I leave a spoon in the bucket)
Use about 1/2 a cup to mabye 3/4 cup of detergent depending on load.

Saturday, September 5

Rain Rain come this way...

So lovely to wake up to clouds.

The drippy drops (per Myla) are proof that it actually DID rain.

We have had a good time.

On another note, Myla started her tumbling class yesterday. All on her own.

Thursday, September 3

second batch

So, I haven't posted about making my own laundry soap.

There are tons of info out there on the web and it really was as simple as I hoped it would be. And one of the best parts? If I run out of detergent, I do NOT have to make a grocery store run or shell out $20 at Costco. I bought the total supplies for less than $7 and it has made 3 batches (2 for me, one for a friend) thus far, with several more awaiting their turn. Another plus is that you have the option of dry or liquid. I prefer the liquid method. If you are interested you can find more here.

Finished product.

Even Mr. Skeptical thinks its cool, especially when I let him stir the thick gel like concoction (it sits for 24hrs). I think that he was worried I had fell into the looney bin.

A friend got a friend started, she in turn got me started, and I passed it on to another good friend who has now made her second batch. I love the 'village' of women and how they help one another. I am very blessed with the friends I have in my life. Thank you for always encouraging me and being there when I need you, even if it is to just talk about the consistency of soap. Have a wonderful and blessed day!