Wednesday, March 26

brother and sister... moment 29

moment 29

What do I love about being a stay at home mom? things like this. The mornings in our home are quiet peaceful (most of the time anyway). They usually start off just as you see here. One of them wakes up and we always go to the couch (sometimes Co'b will request to go cuddle in my bed and watch cartoons... Pie never wants to do this in the morning...ever...) but mostly the morning routine starts with sitting or laying on the couch. Pie is always hungry when she wakes and on the other hand Co'b rarely eats upon waking unless he didn't eat enough the night before.

I have been meaning to take a pic of them both in footed pajamas (one of my favorite on all size of babies and kids) and finally I did.

brother and sister

Corbyn had been hugging her and she is trying to get away... laughing the whole time.

They are both sweet and adorable and I just can't believe that they are both mine. ALL MINE!!!