Tuesday, May 13

wheres waldo???

It seems I have scattered myself all around again. I am finally having some breathing space it seems until tomorrow when I have a committee meeting for an upcoming banquet. and I threw a party for the members of our Moms Club yesterday.

My Mother's Day was fabulous!!! I woke up to breakfast and coffee in bed.
I watched part of an old Sally Field's movie, in bed... and then read some of my most current novel, in bed... and laid in bed some more. The kids and hubby gave me a 'See's chocolate' box... and a bottle of Eternity's Summer perfume. Later we went shopping to get out of the house and I got a couple shirts and a pair of capris'. (very excited about this... its been at least a yr since I have bought any type of clothing for myself) Anyhoo... we grilled carne asada and had just a grand day. Did I mention that everyone in my house, including the 4 yr old took a nap. What more could I have asked for.
I am very blessed with the family that was given to me. I love them each so very much and I love my husband even more for loving me. I know that I can be tough to stand sometimes... but Mario gets me and I love him so much for that. He made me feel completely appreciated and loved and there are no words to describe that feeling. So, honey, thank you...

Life has been pretty good... today is cloudy and windy. In other words, it couldn't be a more PERFECT and beautiful day. We have spent most of the day outside. Corbyn has had a friend over and Myla just follows them around... wanting to only do what they do.

I have so many things that I want to post about and no energy by the end of the day. And I am too lazy to dump my pictures on the computer... good thing hubby gets me and got me an outrageous amount of space on the memory card. ;)

anyhoo... I hope that everyone living in AZ is enjoying this wonderful weather. Who knows when we will see such a sight again...esp with the summer approaching.... we will be praying for shade in these parts.

hope this finds everyone in good spirits!!!