Monday, July 19


In all the cleverness I have come across since a certain friend introduced me to blogging almost 4 yrs ago, I have to totally brag about this one.  I mean for real people this is a project that my kiddos would LOVE and I don't even think I have to go any further than the basket of magazines that are piling up, the tape dispenser and the recycle bin (cardboard boxes)!!!  The possibilities are driving me crazy so I felt that if I blogged about it (1) I won't lose the link to the infinity amount of 'want to try' list in my favorites folder and (2) I can continue for a moment to dance in my excitement, because I can promise you if I run in the other room to tell hubby he will just look at me with no response and totally be a buzz kill. 
Anyways... that's it, nightie night.