Tuesday, April 7

Twilight Release Party...

SO... because I have the best friends in the whole world, it came to NO surprise to me when I received an invitation in the mail for a Twilight DVD Release party. (The image in the upper middle with Edward and Bella was used for the invites. Totally exciting to open.)

I invited two friends to come along with and when we arrived I was in awe of all the detail...REAL apples had been cut out and a lit tea light candle inside. Beautiful. Exciting. This is were we ate mushroom raviolis...(does anyone know why? IF you read the book, THINK real hard!!) The quality of these pictures aren't the best... but it felt relaxed and had a casual elegant feeling) Then we stepped into the family room/ kitchen area and I was overtaken with the movie posters... it was AWESOME!!!! I felt like I was in a movie theater. Twilight Pictionary (homemade game, don't go looking in the stores) was a fun one played here before the movie started.

Before the movie and the games, we all just relaxed and enjoyed each others company. Many of us didn't know each other, but knew the host and/or had read the books so we all had something in common and a great evening of discussing favorites parts of the books and the movie. Great times.

(this was during Spring Break too!!! And I still have photos I want to post from that week)

... also mushroom raviolis???? Get it???? Her first meal with Edward when they were at that little Italian restaurant and he had just saved her in the alley from those gross guys...