Monday, October 15

I'm not sure how I have made it to the point of where I am... even though the first layer of the house looks unkept... I rest easier knowing that for once, the underneath is clean as can be.

My in laws are in town ... but the preparation for company in general starts weeks ahead. This time was a little different... we decided to paint the kitchen and family room and two hallways. Did I mention that they are vaulted ceilings... and that because of the previous colors primer HAD to be used and the base boards needed 3 coats in some areas to be turned into 'ultra white'. Yes there is a HUGE difference in the land of the color 'white'. (the base boards were painted the same color as the walls, I promise that they were NOT just that dirty!) And I haven't even mentioned the cleaning of ALL the carpets (I borrowed a friends rug cleaner and I now have one on my Christmas list... its a must... including the 'Lavendar Essense' carpet shampoo that I used)

With company in town, I almost don't know what to do with myself... I feel like I am 'suppose' to be doing something. I haven't been able to do any sort of crafting since the stuff with the house started and I am really getting an itch to get some creative therapy going. Especially since I have what feels to be a brand new space all around me... surrounding yourself with colors and items that you love is such inspiration. We finally unpacked more boxes that hid most of my treasures... to have them out where I can see them are like finding long lost friends. Each item, remembering where I got it... some thrifted some new.... who I was with or who gave it to me... I love it.

I really need to post some pictures of our progress with the house because it looks amazing! I love doing home improvement projects! There is such an instant gratification that goes along with it! I remember as a kid helping my grandmother paint and wallpaper, I was a pro before the age of 10. My dad had lots of rental properties while I was growing up, and each time he either bought a new place or a new tenant was to move in.... there was always a renovation to take place. My mom being the decorator that she is gave me such a love for creating a space to live in that you love. She has such a way with decor and loves to change her home with her mood. I am so glad that I have that quality from her. Thanks mom!