Wednesday, December 31

here's to you...

and your family

this holiday season!

lots of love and laughter

Monday, December 29

HOw to make marshmellows...Marshmeddows recipe

These were really actually a simple process to make. And exciting. I got this magazine Corbyn's first winter, he was 6 months old. I wanted to do the snowflakes then... but somehow it never happened. I pulled out this cover early in the season and set my mind to do it this year. 5 years later.

oh Martha...

This is what my workspace looked like... (don't mind those really ripe banana's in the background... I made mini banana loaves with them...)
move over Martha....

So here's the recipe....

2 envelopes unflavored gelatin
1 1/2 cups sugar
2/3 cup light corn syrup
1/8 tsp salt
1 tsp pure vanilla extract

vegetable-oil cooking spray

1. coat a 12x17" rimmed baking sheet with cooking spray:line with parchment paper. Then spray parchment paper: set aside. Pour 1/3 cup cold water into the bowl of an electric mixer. Sprinkle with gelatin; let mixture soften, about 5 minutes.

2. Place sugar, corn syrup, salt and 1/3 cup water in a medium saucepan. Cover; bring to a boil.

Remove lid; cook, swirling pan occasionally, until 'soft-ball stage' about 5 minutes.

3.With mixer on low speed, whisk gelatin mixture, and slowly pour the syrup in a steady stream down the side of thw bowl ( to avoid splattering). Gradually raise speed to high; beat until mixture is thick, white and has almost tripled in volume, about 12 minutes Add vanilla, and beat 30 seconds to combine.

4. pour mixture onto prepared baking sheet; smooth with an offset spatula. Let stand at room temp, uncovered, until firm, at least 3 hours or overnight.

5. Coat a 1 or 2 inch snowflake-shaped cookie cutter with cooking spray to prevent it from sticking. Cut out as many individual marshmallows as possible; coat cutter with more spray as needed. can be stored in an airtight container at room temp for up to a week.

homemade marshmeddows....

So now Myla says marshmallows... but it sounds like... marshmeddows.... They lasted a long time it seems... every moment being asked for another marshmeddow... just two more marshmeddows.... please? But they were a hit and I think that I just might make them each year.

Sunday, December 14

a big HOLIDAY....

Yesterday was a big day for us, the annual Christmas party for the kids at Dad's work.

Dad's work... kids Christmas party...

Dad's work... kids Christmas party...

They had been decorating the cookies and Mario called her name... this is the way she would look up at us!!!!! She did this like 5x's in a row!!! We were laughing, which made her eyes twinkle even more. She really is a little angel!!! We just love her.

Dad's work... kids Christmas party...

And what can I say about the thoughtful little boy who can spell all his own? He melts my heart.

Dad's work... kids Christmas party...

He dressed himself... AND fixed his own hair. Do you see the little bit sticking up? He used my hair products... and he combs the front over to the side. He loves vest. And he loves projects. So this picture says alot about my son. I want to grab and kiss that little chin of his!!!

then we saw Sponge Bob.... and chased him...

Dad's work... kids Christmas party...

and we got him...
Dad's work... kids Christmas party...

Notice that my kids are not in the picture. Both kids are naturally shy (though I hate that word) and both of them do not care to be hugging and loving on large characters. I see the other kids who ran up to SpongeBob and almost knocked him down... mine chased him to get a better look, but thought that was just fine to get a wave.

Friday, December 12

Happy Holidays...

Enjoy this video. I literally JUST found her, LittleBrownPen on quarterofaninch... I love the world of crafty women. How inspiring. Enjoy.

Thursday, December 11

Randomness.... hmmmm....

Okay... here goes... thanks gonzomamaknits for including me. I've had fun trying to think of something that is interesting about myself. Whats funny is several things I started to list involved other people and I thought surely there are SIX things I could write about myself besides reading, hiking and crafting.

1. I met and fell in love with my husband when I was 18. I'm now 29. I feel very fortunate to have found him so very young. To watch him become the husband and dad that he is today is such a wonderful gift. I think it makes me love him more.

2. We named our son based on the fiction character Korbin Dallas from The FifthElement. We put the name in a drawer in the back of our minds and years later, the moment we found out we were expecting, there it was.
When I was pregnant with my daughter, hubby put Leeloo on the list. Sorry, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

3. My economics teacher my senior year of high school was also my mom's economics teacher her senior year, Mr. Weeks. He was the toughest teacher and he had such a reputation for just that, even then. I remember having 'Zero Days'. They were random, we never knew when, and he would call your name, you stand, he asks a question and you either got a '100' or you got a '0'. Did I mention that you could get called multiple times during that hour?

4. I like to watch Mixed Martial Arts. UFC and PRIDE. I first thought that it was barbaric and disgusting, and every now and then it still looks that way, but hubby, with his wrestling history, has finally convinced me of the technique behind the fight. Every Wednesday night we record the UFC House, and usually rotate houses with a friend on the nights the fights are on 'pay per view'. Its awesome... no, really. I'm actually learning things like, "Rear Naked Choke" or what an "Arm Bar"is ... (I have no way of knowing if that is in fact the spelling or the correct names, but its what is sounds like they are saying.)... I even have a favorite fighter, Anderson Silva. And George St.Pierre.

5. I was born on Six Six. June 6th that is. The year of 2006... I had this sales associate, I was buying a nursing bra, my little girl was only 12 days old, at Motherhood Maternity of all places, go on and on about how they would be too scared to even leave their home that day... and on and on they went. I thought it was cool in a weird way. Not in that way... just that my birthday... well you get it... it wasn't like 07-07-07... but I had my glory. My niece was born 03-03-06, which I think is neat. And while we are on numbers, this tops the cake, my son was born 6-22 and during that time I was the store manager for store #622. Weird.

6. You never know what color my hair might be. As of right now I have a light brown... with a bit of peek a boo lights underneath. I tried to go for natural. The problem is I'm not sure what that is. Every since I turned 17, my first ever color, seen here, I have HAD to do something to it. I have learned that it is much easier to save your money and pay someone to do it for you.

There is a on going joke that the kids will be going through our family photos and be like... "Who are all these random ladies with dad?" I have had platinum blonde, kinda blonde, I've been a brunette, red head, black with blonde, black with red, boring brown, dark purplish, uuummm... did I mention one time I tried to get a perm and had to cut almost every bit of my hair off. I had a short pixie cut following that traumatic event. So no, there is nothing that could scare me with hair. Its just hair and it will grow back. Hopefully.

I enjoyed this meme very much. So, again tag you are it. Leave a comment and let me know if you have contributed... I can't wait to see... and learn.

Wednesday, December 10

my first....(and my second)

Myla seems to be on the mend. I, in all my 5 1/2 yrs of glory being a mom I have never ever gone through vomiting. Can you believe that? Corbyn has never, and Myla is now 2~ it being her first time and mine.
When if first happened... I didn't know what to do. I was running around in a circle basically. We were sitting at the computer googling 'dehydration in toddlers', because she had diarrhea for over 24hrs, when she kinda burped. Nothing. Then she did it again and all I could do was say ... " Oh God... Oh God" and before I knew it we were in the kitchen... she was spewing all over us and the floor because her mom was so scared by the amounts coming out her that she couldn't even remember to try to catch it at least a bowl. I was a freaked out mess. Which is wild because I am more calm with bleeding wounds from the head than I was with puking. I was about to rush her to the er with us covered in throw up!!!! Luckily Julie called at that moment of my panic. She calmed me down and told me to change my clothes before I left. I think that's when I snapped out of it.
I laugh at myself when I think about what a frazzled mess I was... as for the second time... even though it was as much as a surprise as the first time... I ran straight to the bathroom and she was able to go into the toilet. This did not make her feel better about the idea at all. She in between would say " I don't awnt to" and cried the whole time. I felt horrible for her.
I can not explain the amount of laundry that I have done in the past 3 days, but its been alot. I feel as if the washer and dryer are going constantly. (And yes... I have started using the dryer again. But come spring.... I promise to be line drying all over again.)

Other news would be that I got tagged for my first time officially... go on over to gonzomamaknits and see for your self. I am to list six random things about myself and tag six others. I will have to save this awesome post for later today... but I will be pondering my answers... and if you are reading this then you are tagged, especially if you are kidsideup, CrazyMOm, Girlwithagreencard, MommyKnows, okay see thats only four. SO tag your it. Beeeee looking for my return.

p.s. I saw Twilight again. Last Sunday my book club went... how could I not go with my girls to see it. I mean, we all read the series together for goodness sake. It was great to have already seen it and them not. I kept looking around at their faces during random parts... priceless. And seeing it for the second time... the baseball scene might have been my favorite. The song, the smiles... the part when Edward and Emmett collide and fall down laughing. Awesome... Smasome... When it goes to the cheap show I just might go again!!!! And soundtrack I have already started downloading. anyways......

Saturday, December 6

Silence of the mom....

I can not speak. Litterally. I open my mouth and try... but very little sound comes out. And the ones that do just sound awful. Whispering is the best. And do you know what I have found out???? Its nice. The kids whisper back at me. Maybe this is the secret. I just wish I didn't have to feel so bad. What am I saying? I feel a tons better than I did 3 days ago.

We got our tree up. No decorations yet. Thats tonight or tommorow's family project, including the lights outfront. I kinda want to put up lights on the back patio. We'll see.

I did get to see Twlight. Finally!!!! I very much enjoyed being taken back to the beginning of Edward and Bella. What a ride. I think they did what they could, and fudged when they had to... like the Cullens house. For those who love this couple... I looked long and hard for the perfect video... and by golly I think I got it. So, enjoy... if you haven't then maybe this will entice you.

Even hubby enjoyed it. He surprised me and took me to the movies... I had no clue. He pulled into the parking lot... and I'm like..."We're going to the movies?" and he just smiles. As we are walking up I have not one clue what we would be going to see... and then as we approach the ticket booth and I see the showings... I knew. Mario can be very sweet.

So it was awesome I thought. And not even so much then. But now. When my mind wonders back to the movie and I think that I just loved it. All the parts. Trying to fill hubby in on all the info with Victoria and the other books was fun. I was tripping all over myself with information.

Anyhoo... have a great weekend.

Tuesday, December 2

a little something I like...

okay... is there anyone else out there who watches Brothers and Sisters???

I have the whole season saved on my dvr. Tonight hubby went to a work thing and I am catching up on my show. I tell you I am only the second show of the season (I think it was recorded like 10/5... isnt that crazy. I have like 6 to watch. And I plan to. Tonight its me and Carolan catching up on my most favorite family ever. I want to be either the mom of this large family, who is played by one of my favorite people, Sally Fields... or I want to be Kitty. I think. She's a Republican, though. (just kidding... but being married to Rob Lowe must have its benefits ;) Anyways... this is one of the shows that I fell in love with instantly... its in its third season. You should really check it out. It touches all sorts of subjects from the war, politics, family issues, its very humorous and yet it can have very high emotions... and I highly recommend it.

write again when I am all done watching...

*** update... I watched 4 shows last night... with three more to go to catch up. The last show I watched was awesome. Nora, the mom, is trying to start a life for herself. She has raised all these kids and has done some enoromous projects with fundraising and sorts... but in reality has no resume. She's a stay at home mom. She goes off on this guy because of it, he seems to think she has no experience. Well, she let him have it. And as a stay at home mom, I loved it.

Sunday, November 30

just a little note....

(You smiling yet???) HOw can you not? She absolutely loves the park. This was taken eariler this year with our MOMS Club... we took our bikes to the park. What a grand day. Can u tell, I see it written all over her face. She does have a grumpy face too you know.

Sorry some of the colors are all wrong for this background. I was forced to change it because it read Happy Thanksgiving. I picked out the Christmas theme that I want but I'm not really ready to commit to the holiday just yet.

Lets enjoy fall for all that its worth. YOu are welcome to pull up a chair anytime... if you come now you could enjoy these cookies with me. Maybe even dunk them in your coffee. Do you know that Myla likes coffee? Horrible. But I relish in the thought of the day that she and I can sit at the kitchen table with a cup of joe and chit chat. This is something I do with my mom and my nanny. Sometimes it is us all together, and now with the distance between us, its cute my grandmother will purposely fix a cup of coffee and go out to her swing to chat with me on the phone.

Myla's coffee now consist of ruffly 6-8oz of milk in her sippy cup... a splash of creamer and a dash of coffee. And she always tells me, 'not too hot mommy'... and I tell her...'Be careful, go slow."

She says..."I bigger, now"

I say... "You are bigger now"

she says..."I bigger' n ToeToe"

I say... "Your bigger than Corbyn?"

she says..."Uh... huh... I bigger' n ToeToe"

I say..."Oh..."

Wednesday, November 26

random elements...

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was most proud of the cranberry sauce. I had no idea that it was so easy to make.

We made two more pumpkin pies Thanksgiving night.

HOpe everyone is having a blessed holiday weekend.
take care.

Tuesday, November 25

here I am... hiding under a rock...

So, I guess I have totally blown NaBloPoMo . Oh well... its not the first thing that I have started and not finished.

With good reason... I think anyway. Over the weekend, Friday night actually, Corbyn developed pink eye... both eyes... and Myla's been congested for quite a while, it was into the 11th day. So a Saturday doctors appt was just what we had...each had their own doses 2 and 3x's daily. I have disinfected every square inch of this house... multiple times. Even the pillows were washed, dried, and then put into the sun for the afternoon.

I do feel like I am back on track though... we even walked to school to pick up Corbyn ... it has been quite pleasant out...

I made 2 pumpkin pies this evening in order of getting ready and in the mood for Thankgiving... recipe here if you want to try it... (it really is the best pumpkin pie, ever. My kids will tell you so. My husband too. Did I mention that it was really easy???)

But I have been baking AND I have been working out... both really good signs for me.

take care and i hope to be back soon.

(p.s. please say an extra prayer for my sister in law, she is really having a tough time right now and needs all the positive energy sent to her ...she doesn't really see how great she can be... )

so with that said... take care and be very thankful for all that matters to you... be thankful.


Sunday, November 23

pass it on...

take this video as you will. I thought it was beautiful. Simple.

Hope to inspire you. Be thankful this week and every week.

later my friends.

Monday, November 17

Kitchen Poetry:: 5

I love this little table. I wish I could sit here.

Vintage doll furniture

And fix breakfast in here.

Vintage doll furniture

I could read a book near here.

Vintage doll furniture

hopefully more time tomorrow to post... later...

Sunday, November 16

lazy maisy's.....

We are a family that likes to hang out together, at home. We are home bodies. I would love to live in a small town with lots of land... and be at home... with my family.

Today... we all woke up late. The kids had these, but in strawberry. The parents had pumpkin cake.

Football was on ALL day. That is a given. I watch a little. After 10 years its starting to leave an impression on me... if I could just sit through the whole thing.
pushing the kids around...

Myla is still feeling out of sorts. We took a steamy shower and her nose was just pouring. Using squrit of eucalyptus oil really helps out when you have a child with a cold. And it last nearly forever it seems because you only have to use a spot.

rose garden with the pavers...

They jumped on the trampoline. They made limeade juice again. Played with playdough, homemade playdough. (toot toot)...thats my horn ;) just kidding.

We clipped coupons. I organinzed my coupons... again.

WE all took a nap. Except for Corbyn, he played with Legos. We have a nice set up for naps. Me and the little girl go to my bed... Dad falls alseep watching football on the couch (its his favorite thing to do in the whole wide world) and Corbyn plays on the floor next to him with

We moved Corbyn's furniture around in his room.

We had breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, eggs and bacon. Very yummy.

And then I cleaned the kitchen. Monday morning is no good to start with a sink full of dirty dishes, pots and pans.

Off to get the kids settled.

Have a great night.

(p.s. Maisy is now one of Myla's favorite. Corbyn still gets caught watching it... but thinks he's much too old for it.)

Saturday, November 15

Kitchen Poetry::4

mom is great....

I can't help but make pumpkin cake. Next week pumpkin pies here we come, we're just warming up.

take care

Friday, November 14

thoughtful friday...

(this picture was taken in Georgia, at Mimi's, across her little wooden bridge, near the bamboo, looking up)

Summer or winter, day or night,

The woods are ever a new delight;

They give us peace, and they make us strong,

Such wonderful balms to them belong;

So, living or dying, I'll take my ease,

Under the trees, under the trees.

--Richard Henry Stoddard

Today I had a great time in my son's class. I do wonder however, what else is out there in the way of education. I was a little alarmed by the amount of parent participation... one little girl hasn't completed her homepackets in two weeks. Even her school work for that amount of time was still in her folder. THis is one of the first things that my son WANTS me to see when he walks in the door. Its part of our routine. And who knows there could be all sorts of things going on in their life and who am I to judge. She is such a cute little girl and, well I invision all parents being as 'into' school as me... wanting to do everything I can to help him prepare to succeed all on his own. Oh well... more on that later... just wanted to get that off my chest. later.

Thursday, November 13

I'm starting to slack....

Yesterday we had fun at the park. And today we are sick with a cold. Monday it was the boy and now its the girl's turn.

So no picture for Kitchen Poetry... not much of a post for NaBloPoMo... no time for even linking those two because I am so tired that I am about to pass out typing this. What is happening to me... its only 7:48pm....

Tomorrow I volunteer in Co'b's class... ALL DAY!!!! Wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 12

Wanda Sykes, you go girl...

Wanda Sykes... I love her. Listen to her take on the bailout...I know that its a little late, but wanted to humor you.

Tuesday, November 11

Kitchen Poetry::3

Co'b was out of school yesterday with a cold. Today was a holiday. This morning was really chilly in the house and as usual my family snuggles up to keep warm. We love the fall/ winter weather. The past two mornings have been great to just have our pj's on and not have to leave the house. It reminded me of all the mornings that we use to have... I miss them. Though we love school and it has been a great adventure thus far... I miss it being just me and just the kids.
Yesterday the kids picked bags full of limes and lemons from the trees in the backyard... this morning Co'b put them in a bowl for the dinning room table. It looks nice. I love a centerpiece.
He took six of them and squeezed juice for him and his sister. Myla passed and stuck to drinking her water. Corbyn however, added a little water and drank it all.
As we speak I am making homemade bread. Well the bread machine is anyway. A honey oat loaf. I can't wait to slice it up and add butter. I thought about whipping up a little honey in a small bowl of butter to serve with it. This is my third use of the bread machine, and the first for actually baking it IN the machine. I can't wait to see the results. Its so easy.
Well take care... and remember your Veteran's.

Monday, November 10

Kitchen Poetry::2

Today was one of the first really chilly days... that lasted all day, not just morning and night. Around lunch time I was pondering all the cold weather food that I could fix for this evening... and what would be easier and better than tomato soup and grilled cheese.

Campbells all the way. Though I have always been interested in making my own, I never have. Yet. A little salt, a little pepper and a little Italian seasong...its umm..uumm.. good.

I am very lucky, it is one of the few things that my husband and I throughly enjoy and the kids do too.

I remember at the hospital, hours after giving birth to my son, I was starving. It was around 4 in the morning and I had just finished nursing him and thought that I would walk down to the kitchen that they had for the patients and their spouses. (we had such an amazing experience) Mario had asked me to bring him back ceral, Frosted Flakes to be exact and milk (he had already been and knew the inventory)... I walked down the hall and I couldn't believe my eyes... there were miniture size cans of tomato soup (I even remember thinking they were cute, it must have been the hormones!!!!!) I poked around the cabinets and found stryofoam bowls and plastic spoons... and heated it up. Yes in the styrofoam bowl, shame on me. What was funny about this was the look on the nurse's face who passed me on my way back to the room... minutes after 4 am and she sees me carrying a steaming bowl of tomato soup... two small milk cartons (one for me, one for hubby) and a single serving bowl of ceral... she just smiled and I smiled back. That was it. But, back in the room while I was eating my soup it was like pure heaven and sweet home contentment... nothing could have been better at that moment. It was warm and cozy all the way down.

inside cover of Magic Chef...

If I fix it, it has the ingredients mentioned earlier, and I add water. If hubby fixes it, its the same spices and he adds milk. We both love each others, but we still fix it different ways. And well the grill cheese is just an awesome excuse to dip your crust into the soup. Umm... Ummm... good I say or rather, we say...

Copyright...1936...14th edition

This is a book given to me from my mother in law. She had given me some really cool items and this vintage cookbook is just one of them. There are more pictures of this book and another from the 1940's on my flickr page.

Well... I will see you tomorrow...have a good night with big dreams.

Sunday, November 9

Sunday with the family.... plus..../Kitchen Poetry ::1

Well it started off with these two being very cute and adorable all snuggled together in 'big comfy' (the blanket has its own name) on the couch watching cartoons.

brother and sister watching cartoons...

Then we had breakfast. Last week my friend Julie mentioned that her friend's mom, when she was a little girl, use to make them Mickey Mouse pancakes... what a brillant idea, it had never even occured to me to do that. Easy I thought. And it was, but a few had some wonky ears. (so this is my first post for Kitchen Poetry as seen here at Simple Sparrow.

? MIckey Mouse pancakes...

Then... we headed off to the zoo. We love the zoo. And with the great weather we are FINALLY having, it was even better. The first stop was the tree house... Pie Pie had such a great time inside... this was us.

we went to the zoo...

The kids love to watch any and all animals... but this visit the ducks were the most special.

we went to the zoo...

we went to the zoo...

we went to the zoo...

we went to the zoo...

we went to the zoo...

we went to the zoo...

We had a great day with no rush. And to top the great day off, it rained. Yes!!!!!

Saturday, November 8

HOw to make a MUMMY tutorial:

Items needed: (all the items were purchased at Walmart)

*I bought 4 yds of an off white, very thin fabric (off the $1 a yd table)... this was plenty for my 5 yr old.

*I used gray sweat pants and a long sleeve gray t-shirt.

* 2-3 rolls of iron on adhesive tape, ultra hold.

If you plan to 'dye' the fabric... I would recommend doing it before you cut the strips (I had a huge ball of a tangle mess... and had to iron each individual strip... ugh...)

I made little snips with the scissors about 2 or 3 inches apart... and then pulled and ripped into strips.... it gave the fabric a torn look... here are the piles below.

Halloween costume in the making...

I started from the bottom... (follow the directions on the tape)... iron tape on the pants...let cool... peel off paper.... lay strip of fabric down in place... iron again.... let cool to set before pulling too much...
(at first it was a little awkward, but quickly I got a system... because you have to let the strips cool before you could peel and get started on the next step... I started ironing on a couple of strips at a time... see below)

Halloween costume in the making...


Iron, flip, iron, flip.... I would take a strip, start the end on the inseam, iron and then flip the pants over... and iron it on the back... then would flip it back over and raise it a bit and iron that side. Around and around I went.

(I also left some long pieces hanging randomly on the pants and shirt for a more 'mummy' look. And some of the long strips in turn were tied together, there is one at the bottom left leg, with a little knot.)

Halloween costume in the making...

If you can tell from the picture, the entire strip isn't ironed on... just the width of the tape per strip... that allowed the strips not to look so stiff... they were soft and flow(y).

Halloween costume in the making...

Some parts were a little tricky. Like the neck of the shirt. I didn't want it to be to tight to fit on my son's head. I made sure to keep the buttons undone (there were three little buttons up top) and made sure the strip was loose that went along that area) Also, notice the pants have pockets? Well, I didn't cover those up...(he wanted to keep his scary pointed teeth in there) so I just left that area with long strips or or about and inch or two left hanging.)

This was my work space... I sat here for quite a while on two different nights. Hubby and I watched t.v., well he watched I listened.

Halloween costume in the making...

And here is my little mummy... my scary mummy. (he did not want to be cute.)

Oh no... a scary zombie mummy...

This costume was very forgiving. After doing and covering up with strips... I would take random smaller pieces and fit them in wherever they were needed.

We had plenty of strips left over... which we wrapped his head... and had a couple drap over his arms.

Trick or Treat...
Happy Haunting!!!! (and good luck)

Friday, November 7

Thoughtful Friday....

thoughtful friday...

If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together.. there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart..
I’ll always be with you.-- Winnie the Pooh
(these pictures were taken early this year, around March, I think.)