Thursday, April 3

why oh why?????

So... why do we blog? HMMMmmmm.... good question... my beginning thoughts on the subject were "why on earth would I do that?", "Who the hell has time for that?"

Me apparently, because every since I got over the leap of the first several post, I look forward to it. I like to change the template even if I haven't added a new post. And since that friend introduced me to the blogging world (b/c before then I hadn't a clue)I can't even tell you the amount of women that have inspired me to be a better person.

I have found encouragement from women, and other moms that will never know the impact they had on me either on nights that I couldn't sleep... or during regular hours just exploring links from one blog to another and before I knew it I had like 8 screens on my PC. Silly you say? Hmmm... I'm not so sure. I joined a MOMS Club when I needed support as a stay at home mom, why shouldn't I extend my support system to the outer corners of the universe???

I am a wee bit sad that one of my regular reads is taking a break. I do not personally know this girl, but have admired her determination in many subjects... I wish her nothing but the best on her path...

Then I saw someone had printed out their blog... and it was a real live book. A journal. I never kept a diary as a young girl, so I was in awe of the fact that she had one from NOW, today, not your awkward days of puberty and random bs from school life. And as a mom.... I thought how cool would it be if the kids had a recollection of a period in their life. I have always wished that I could have seen my mom and knew her as a teenage/ young adult, not as my mom. So, a bit of me wants to record an image of myself... and not from a photograph... not from a short video of opening presents and going to the zoo on the camcorder... but my thoughts, written words describing me, our life, our family, trips we've taken, our 'every' days...

So... as I have begun my journey I am absolutely thrilled at some of the people I have been getting to know better. For instance, Jolene, she and I couldn't possibly be 'living' more 'different' lives... I live in the warm desert, she's freezing her butt cheeks off in Alaska!!!! I am intimidated sewing clothes... she is intimidated with sewing anything other than clothes... I live in a big city and escape to a smaller one... she's planning a trip to the big city to escape from her small town... BUT I am drawn to her... I'm excited when she has a new post. I was excited to learn she had a blue room!!! Crazy??? Probably... but I gain strength as a women to know that their are so many women out there just like me despite our many differences.

So, why do I blog??? there really isn't any one answer... but I sure am glad that I have started...

So night night... and Dream Big!!!!
a non blogging friend (so I can't link her) wrote that at the end of an email and it has stuck with me... its even on my banner when I open my cell phone... each time I flip it open... there it is and I see it, read it and smile!!! Thanks Juls.