Sunday, February 15

30 days:12

Bella and Myla

We are doggy sitting and Myla is always so fasicnated with animals. She was in Bella's face and petting very softly.

We discovered these great waves in the sky.

At some point during the weekend they always talk their dad into jumping on the trampoline. He's loves it as much as they do. ((one of these days I will catch him jumping by himself, he has been known to do that)

) a favorite on Sunday...

This afternoon I was able to sneak out to go looking for a few treasures. Just look what I found.

I got these dishes for Pie Pie's playhouse.
I paid a dollar a piece.


This I found for $7 !!! Its completely hand carved into the wood and then handpainted.
I wish there was some indication as to where it was made. Because..... all wood, carving

I have this handcarved picture that is from Poland. They have (hubbys family) family there, but this was from a friend, Wanda. We have a bunch of other stuff from that region and they seem to like the carving of wood....
I found a few more books, but these were my favorites.

vintage childrens books
Snow White
Snow White