Sunday, June 7

an INCREDIBLE trip...

This summer is sort of a special time for us... my son will turn 6, my daughter just turned 3, I turned 30 yesterday, and in about a month my hubby and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. What better way to do it up than in Disney??? The kids had a blast and were the best little people ever!!!

This little nugget was absolutely adorable. We went to the Mad Hatter to get mouse ears, I just knew that she would pick Minnie with a red bow ears, or even the Princess Minnie ears... but just like always, she is her own person and doesn't follow some fad, she walked straight up to this hat, put it on her head and talked about Pluto the entire trip!!!!

This was the face he wore just about the WHOLE time! Mr. Incredible (during the Pixar parade) saw that he and his dad had on their Incredible shirts and stopped in front of us, pointed and shook his body like 'cool'... Corbyn smiled and was blushing... I yelled with excitement!!!