Tuesday, August 26

it started off as a simple idea...

and turned into a mission... getting a picture of them... together... maybe smiling... thats all I ask... we had been baking cookies to send to their grandmother for her bday. The kids couldn't think of anything better than cookies and they were thrilled to be sending them in the mail... it was very cute and sweet. They stirred for all they were worth.

making cookies

making cookies

making cookies

by the end I asked them to look at the batter and stir... they BOTH did at the SAME time....

making cookies

Friday, August 15

Thoughtful Friday #3

Thoughtful Friday #3....30tinymoments: day 5

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.

Tuesday, August 12

two more steps forward....

First Day of School

So does this look like a face that wasn't excited about going to 'big kid school'. No, in fact he was so excited that I couldn't help but be excited. Even if I didn't want to be. We walked hand in hand... pushing his little sister in the stroller, b/c we parked in the neighborhood and walked up to the school. We had fun.

chiny- chin- chin

This was my conversation only about a hundred times yesterday...."Where 'ToeToe' go, mama?" / me, "School".... "skoool mama, toe toe go skoool".... "Yes Pie Pie Toe Toe go to school"... "where dada go mama" ......"work baby, dada go to work"... "oh... werrk".... (over and over we said this)

When I picked him up he lit up when he saw me. We walked kinda quietly at first, there were still people everywhere and we had to walk to the car... again holding hands.

For the rest of the day he was happy, energetic, nice to his sister, proud of himself, eager to get ready for the next day, just an awesome little person with a smile on his face and a story to tell randomly throughout the night. What more could I want. He talked about what a great builder he is and how they got to 'trade' places at the different areas in the room and they had soft and hard blocks and" ......on and on he went. When I asked him what his favorite part was he said, "The cafeteria"... can you believe one of the situations I was most worried about was his favorite!!! What in the name of punkin dobbins do I know, huh?

So, mommy made rice krispy treats for when he returned home from his long day and we all had a special dinner of homemade lasagna for dinner in honor of his first day at school.

And to my friend thanks for your post... and I am ready to let go... I think. For now at least. I have a truely amazing son and I am just enjoying him stepping up and taking charge and being excited about the unknown.

Monday, August 11

taking a step forward.....

So I woke up before the alarm... and everyone else in my little family is still sleeping. Corbyn came to our bed sometime last night. Its funny to me that when he comes to our bed he climbs right over to me to his spot in the middle... usually not saying a word b/w us... just assume positions and he snuggles right up to me with his arm around me ...

So mostly I am feeling good about this morning. Yesterday evening we parked near the school and we all walked up to the school yard and saw the playground that he will go to... he was smiling from ear to ear. He'd go off the sidewalk on to the dirt, rock, bushy area and kinda skip along...

So wish me luck.....

Friday, August 8

Thoughtful Friday

June 2008 350

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday
~author unknown

official freak out mode........

okay... the fact that it is in the 3am hour and I am on the computer should give some sort of indication that I'm not okay...
This afternoon we went to open house at Co'bs school... and it was just that... open house. People everywhere, no signage of 'Hey Kindergartners' and parents this way... everyone was just walking the halls ... I was given a stack of info to read AT HOME. We met the teacher for a brief second while the other parents waited eagerly with their own children... she snapped a picture of him (which luckily he complied and gave a huge Corbyn smile, blushing just a little.)
We had a checklist to find different areas of the room...such as his cubby and seat. And that was it. Monday morning I am to drop him off at the playground, which I don't have a clue to where it is, where I am suppose to park, hell what does he do with his bookbag and lunchbox?? what about when its his turn to bring snack, just throw it on the ground??? And I am to just leave. I'm not feeling comfortable about it.

fast forward to now..... Pie Pie woke up and as soon as my mind realized I was in a 'wakeful' state... all sorts of worries popped up for me and here I am.

I went to the schools website and found that his teacher has a site (pretty cool), not too much info, but more than some of the others (b/c of course I checked every link possible on the site!). And I found out that she has posted a schedule of their day. Yes. Check that off the list to worry about. Now to worry about this 11:15 -1:05 Lunch and Recess... lunch ends at 12pm... uummm this is for people who know where I live, for the next 65 mins outside(!) they just might end up as roasted ducks before they are allowed back in. On Mondays its P.E. and the rest of the week seems to be just recess.

myla must know her moma is upset... she keeps waking... more later

Wednesday, August 6

almost every bit of my heart lies right here...

( this was taken during our trip to Atlanta at the Fernbank Museum. I was standing on the winding staircase near the second floor when I called their names...)

When my son was born and then all through his first two years I tried to imagine what he would look like when he was older...

While I was pregnant with him I had dreams of all sorts of little boys... red haired freckled, dark hair, blonde, even an african american baby... and during the dreams they WERE Corbyn. The only thing that I requested was that he have the cleft chin like his dad. I will never forget my thought when the doctor laid him on my chest, I rubbed the skin b/w his eyes and kissed him (yes with all the goo and all) and I remembering closing my eyes thinking this is exactly what he should like... and then seconds later my husband said, "he has my chin".

And now looking at them together I can plainly see that his chin is not the only thing that he has from his dad.

Sunday, August 3

just a thought...

one of the pollen jocks

Create each day anew by clothing yourself with heaven and earth,
bathing yourself with wisdom and love,
and placing yourself in the heart of Mother Nature.
~Morihei Ueshiba

***I have been meaning to participate in Thoughtful Friday... and remember on any day but a Friday... so today is Sunday, and I am throwing it out there. Hope you have an awesome week. This is the last week with my son before he heads off to school for what seems like the rest of his life.

Friday, August 1

hidden treasures....

I have so much that I have planned on blogging about and have let time start slipping away from me. It always takes us a bit to get back in the groove of things when coming home from a vacation...esp. ones that take you back home...lots of close family, good times and sad good byes. So its time to start remembering them and keep them alive, no?
During our vacation, my Dad gave this really cool lock to my son. It still has its original key. Co'bs played with this lock for so long and then asked Paw Paw if he could borrow it. Could you imagine for a second, a little boy sliding this little door over to insert the key... it doesn't open (which I think is for the best). He trapped his 'guys' with the chain and everything... all sorts of scenarios occured that day.... his imagination is one of the qualities that I love the best...
(**** so I did all sorts of research and found out that the lock is from Eagle Co. in Terryville, CONN USA ... was estab.1833 and at one point was the largest trunk and cabinet lock makers in the world) (you would not believe the world of old locks... there is even an online musuem!!! ) I was probably as excited as Co'bs was when my Dad said he could keep it.
We have ten days left till school starts!!!!! later...