Friday, August 8

official freak out mode........

okay... the fact that it is in the 3am hour and I am on the computer should give some sort of indication that I'm not okay...
This afternoon we went to open house at Co'bs school... and it was just that... open house. People everywhere, no signage of 'Hey Kindergartners' and parents this way... everyone was just walking the halls ... I was given a stack of info to read AT HOME. We met the teacher for a brief second while the other parents waited eagerly with their own children... she snapped a picture of him (which luckily he complied and gave a huge Corbyn smile, blushing just a little.)
We had a checklist to find different areas of the room...such as his cubby and seat. And that was it. Monday morning I am to drop him off at the playground, which I don't have a clue to where it is, where I am suppose to park, hell what does he do with his bookbag and lunchbox?? what about when its his turn to bring snack, just throw it on the ground??? And I am to just leave. I'm not feeling comfortable about it.

fast forward to now..... Pie Pie woke up and as soon as my mind realized I was in a 'wakeful' state... all sorts of worries popped up for me and here I am.

I went to the schools website and found that his teacher has a site (pretty cool), not too much info, but more than some of the others (b/c of course I checked every link possible on the site!). And I found out that she has posted a schedule of their day. Yes. Check that off the list to worry about. Now to worry about this 11:15 -1:05 Lunch and Recess... lunch ends at 12pm... uummm this is for people who know where I live, for the next 65 mins outside(!) they just might end up as roasted ducks before they are allowed back in. On Mondays its P.E. and the rest of the week seems to be just recess.

myla must know her moma is upset... she keeps waking... more later

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