Wednesday, August 6

almost every bit of my heart lies right here...

( this was taken during our trip to Atlanta at the Fernbank Museum. I was standing on the winding staircase near the second floor when I called their names...)

When my son was born and then all through his first two years I tried to imagine what he would look like when he was older...

While I was pregnant with him I had dreams of all sorts of little boys... red haired freckled, dark hair, blonde, even an african american baby... and during the dreams they WERE Corbyn. The only thing that I requested was that he have the cleft chin like his dad. I will never forget my thought when the doctor laid him on my chest, I rubbed the skin b/w his eyes and kissed him (yes with all the goo and all) and I remembering closing my eyes thinking this is exactly what he should like... and then seconds later my husband said, "he has my chin".

And now looking at them together I can plainly see that his chin is not the only thing that he has from his dad.

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