Tuesday, January 13

All you have to do is call.... and I'll come running....

On the 8th of January... hubby left for the gym around 11:30am... if you know me then you know that, that really isn't that big of a deal. When he returned home Pie Pie ran to the door and my computer is at the front window... I notice him getting out and I am just chatting away to my friend... hubby comes in gives us each a kiss and again... I am just chatting my guts away when I look at the window and see this lady walking by (no big deal) but I think to myself that "oh she resembles my mom"(which lives 2500 miles away)... I look away and again I am chatting with Julie and then I look back out and the same lady is still walking and almost past our house... and I take this double look because not only does she resemble her...but she looks identical!!!! Mario says that I jumped up and was yelling..."is that my mom?"... (he never said a word, just smiled)...."why does that look like my mom"... "is it my mom"... I ran outside and called for her "MOM????" and here she came around the tall bushes..."yeah" .... I was completely surprised. In fact I have never been so surprised in all my life. I had no words... I just kept saying... I can't believe you are here!!!!

Sooooo... I am enjoying my mom and my kids having a Nanny around them. Myla has been all into fixing hair and will tell you that you look messy and not so nice... she will spray a gallon of leave in condition in your hair and brush and brush and brush...she has a pretend little hair dryer that makes noise and blowes a little cool air... she finishes with these huge gaudy Dora barrettes and earrings... and then says... "Does Nanny look nice?" two seconds later... "you not look so nice" "I brush you hair".... and over again it starts....

She will leave this coming Sunday on the 18th and I will surely be very sad. I am re-posting our song here... I hope that it reminds you of someone special too... (the orignal post is here)

The words to this song strike me very deep. I could cry if I let myself almost each and everytime, especially when she is far from me. Moving away from my family gave me freedom to become the adult that I am. The wife that I am. The mother that I am. But most importantly I have roots embedded deep that helped it all along. She is my rock. As much as I try to take care and protect her (I always have)... she makes me and has made me the strong woman that I am today... she encourages... she praises me... and she drives me nuts. And that is just the way that I want it.

Around the holidays I miss my family to the extent that I can't explain it with words. So, even though this is our song and has been... some of the lyrics are even more fitting now, this past year has been an awakening of sorts and support is what I have needed the most.... as a mom you know that if your child needed you, you would coming running. So, even if you hate clicking on links and videos... click and enjoy.... love yourself. Love your family. Love your friends. I hope to see you or talk to you soon. Make it a great year!!!!!

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Jolene said...

Awesome! I love surprises. How cool.