Thursday, April 9

BEWARE: excitement for the old...



Have a look at my brand new filter grill thing. (is that the air handler? can you tell that I work for an HVAC guy?) If you look at the old slates, the new one has one continuous slat which gives you more air flow. (I think he said like 30% more) Anyways, I am just excited because the old one looked so dirty and there was no way to clean it, it seemed. My honey dew was going to try out our new hand held steam cleaner (it came with the Shark Steam Mop) and before I even plugged it in for him, he called for me and was literally wiping the paint from the vents with his finger. Immediately I was alarmed about the chemicals or vapors from the broken down paint and how long had it been that way? SO... I called my boss and he ordered this one... my hubby installed it. Isn't it nice??? Did I mention I was turning 30 later this year? I can officially be inducted into the "Your so OLD" category, right along with my early bedtime on the weekends and my new Air handler!!!

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Blessings each day said...

Hey, this looks like true excitement to me!!! And whenever I turn thirty (haven't made up my mind what age I'm gonna be or how many times I will be that same age), then we can talk smack (am I sounding cool or just goofy?)!

hugs and kisses,

mama bg aka ganga aka coo coo redhead