Sunday, November 22

Life... enjoy...

I took a rather long hiatus from this here spot of mine, and trying to gather up pictures to some up what we have and had been doing is rather time consuming. I mean how do you pick just a few pictures....

For the better part of my absence we had extra special house guest for the end of October, beginning half of November. (Ganga and Grampa Mikemal)

with whom we trotted all over our neck of the desert (woods didn't seem to fit). They arrived the morning of Halloween and the kids could not have been happier. It makes me sad that family lives so far away... witnessing just how much my children love their family, instinctly, just makes me love them even more. They love with their whole little beings!!!

Myla only wanted Ganga to help her (insert everyday activites here) ... Corbyn was constantly wanting to play jokes and get Mikemal. We played 'eye spy with my little eye' only a few hundred times. Read books. Went on a hike. Went to the zoo/aquarium. Ate out. Alot! Shopping was done.... laughs were had... movies were watched... coffeepot always warm... and loads memories were made.

My kids want them "to come and stay forever".... Myla's exact words.

That pretty much sums it up in a little bitty nutshell.


kim @ mommyknows said...

It looks like a good time was had by all.

I know I say this every time ... BUT, you have the cutest kids ever!

Lucy Jane said...

Its okay I say the samething about them... heehee!!!
take care.