Wednesday, October 24

Hello... where are you?????

Why can't I get motivated? I have all these plans... and nothing seems to get done. I made a list and everything... but still... here we are...floor still sticky... crumbs still on rug where kids had their snack... clothes still in dryer (scared to take them out b/c then I will have to fold them or even scarier, I'll have to put them away!)... paperwork piling up... and should I even go into the details of fixin' (I'm still a southern girl at heart) the cushions on the couch to find snack crackers and alphabet magnets underneath... now most may have cleaned it up... I however 'sighed' and put the cushion back on top of the mess! Another day I suppose. Hopefully I will forget about them and the kids will find them first and if I am lucky, eat them. Hey, a mom can dream can't she!

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