Saturday, April 4

Living in the moment...

(these pictures on this post are from our excurion up north over Spring Break. I never tire of taking pictures when I'm in Sedona Arizona. It is one of the most spiritual, in its natural form, kinda places.)

Well its Saturday morning and once again I am 'SSSOOOO EXCITED'... later today I am going with a friend to an event with the author Stephenie Meyers as one of the speakers. (which if you haven't read HOST by her... go put a hold on it at the library, she is a wonderful story teller and I am just totally absorbed in this sci-fi, love story. There is this huge moment as the 'soul' is learning about AND feeling all of these human emotions for the first time and the bond between mother and child was overwhelming, I was crying on the couch and weeping) But, back to the event I believe there are like 10 maybe 11 authors attending and its actually a fundraiser for Stephenie's friend who has cancer.

In another spectrum, in response to what my hubby said about my excitement level yesterday, a little switch clicked for me and I have decided to take my mother-in-laws advice from her new blog and start counting my little 'excitements' or my 'blessings' each day. I'm even going to give them there own little 'tag' so that I can find them easily on here if I need to be reminded. I AM excited a lot but don't even realize it normally, so if I am counting them then hopefully I will be conscious enough to spot them all without them being overlooked. And not for just myself, I love to hear others' good news and share in the joy WITH them, and this is a blessing to me.

Somewhere I read that when you laugh that you should add just a little bit more to that laugh and enjoy it to its fullest, basically the advice was 'Laugh Harder', laughter is a gift, don't waste it by only doing it 'half hearted'.

One more bit of insight that I found this week was from a person who is dear to my heart not only for his days on the sitcom Family Ties and the countless movies that I bring back my childhood, but because of his battle living with Parkinson's, which some of you know and there will be some of you who do not and for that all I can say about the disease Parksinson's is that it is heartbreaking. My father in law is one of the most admirable men and he had to deal with this every moment of the day for the last years of his life. ((man... that was intense, this was never my intention when I started this part of the post, but there's no way around the heart wrenching feeling)) back to my point of this.....I think it was the Todays show and they were interviewing the one and only Micheal J. Fox and one of his answers was reguarding his 'everyday' life which of course envolves his wife and his young school aged children, but his comment was that one of the things that he says to his children all the time, (especially when dropping them off at school) is, "Choose to have a great day".

Fabulous advice I think.

hope your weekend is what you wish it to be...

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mommyknows said...

Very good advice!

I love the last photo of the kids :)